Videostacker : 5 Key Points

Videostacker : 5 Key Points

Key Point #1

The videos are sourced either from Youtube or can be self-hosted .mp4 files.

Key Point #2

In its basic format each video in a stack will play as it would show in its original hosting environment.

However, the original video can be “trimmed” to show only one part of it.

Key Point #3

The basic format for each video can also be enhanced to show a still image that can be set to show at (i) its start (much like a thumbnail for Youtube videos), (ii) when the video is paused and/or (iii) at its end.

Key Point #4

Self-designed banners and buttons can be added to each video. The can appear throughout the video’s full duration or for only predetermined periods.

Key Point #5

Each stack can be set to any solid colour. This can be set to complement a brand or website’s look and feel.

Those were the 5 Key Points.

To recap –

#1 Video Sources are either Youtube or self-hosted

#2 Videos can show full length or part thereof.

#3 An image can be added to each video as a thumbnail and to show when paused and at the end.

#4 Separate banner and button can be added to each video. The display start and end time for each can be set.

#5 Each stack can be configured to appear in any solid colour.

Thank You For Your Time.

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