About Video Stacker

videostacker.com is a service offered by Chris Davis for creating stacks of videos.

Who is Chris?
You can find Chris on Facebook and LinkedIn
Other of his web work and offerings can be seen at KefiWeb

Videostacker key points
The videos are sourced either from Youtube or can be self-hosted .mp4 files.
Each stack’s colour can be set to anything.  It is a plain, solid colour ie. no gradients or textures.
In its basic format each video in a stack will play as in its original hosting environment.
The basic format for each video can then be enhanced to show a still image that can be set to show at its start (much like a thumbnail for Youtube videos), its end and when the video is paused.
Further enhancements include banners and buttons.  These can be set to show and stop showing at any times when the video is playing.


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